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It will take you just a few minutes to create a website! Have full control over your site! Change easily everything you require! For free! And learn here HTML and CSS, use the simplest multilingual multi-browser visual template-system – for free as well!
I am a programmer.
I like to automate the execution of different tasks.
Among other things I worked I was in the field of web-programming. And I began to note, that I make continuously the same work.

Peculiarity of web-design is, that the site or page usually have the worker’s logic, that can be different (here you need the programmer in point of fact), and the visual part, which you see, if you come to the site. That no small importance part as a rule develop designers, who generally not especially obtain further insight into the programming problems, what at bottom of fact is a minus, since they can't so much consider; or the programmers develop it (design). I wish to note what in my opinion escapes other programmers for a number of reasons, i.e. the exact visual form must be determined by the customer - indeed it is the customer who must construct it. This is especially important in the modern world, where robots, visual communication and super-programmes exist. As in the past, however, both the programmers and web designers often manually type it and then forget which style they used to achieve a particular appearance.

What do I mean?
How it's done: A web design company prepares some templates. These are master pages used to produce web pages and include layout and style. The client chooses the template which most appeals to him. Then, programmers write the code for the website and the site is almost ready. Finally, the site is tweaked (refined).
As well as problems with the code (if there is a mistake and it doesn't work), a client can also ask:
- Change, please the look of all links, the colors of the menu, the pictures on the site, and so on.

This really seems to be the question– Would it be possible for the customer to be responsible for a design and even to create it himself? If it is necessary to change the design – for the customer to be able to change it! I mean the possibility of changing ANY detail, ANY property with the help of a nice graphic interface (like in Windows, readily understandable) WITHOUT ASSISTANCE. At any time. Even after one year or two. (For those who say "The commercial developers can also do it for the customer after the work is handed over to them"– Yes, they can, but, first there are the templates, on which the customer agreed when the order was placed, and that is why that cannot be free, secondly, when it is “free” they usually only do it some time after receiving the work – generally half a year, and then you must PAY for every small thing they do for you).

Of course there are already the possibilities for today the private outlook to construct. You can buy the “ready” site. In which you can have even the row of standard templates, sometimes even with the ability of the tuning and to change the form. But you can not to change ALL. Either it will keep the structure, or if you want to change the template, you must have the special knowledge and it must to do the programmer or at the least the web-designer.
Automate systems can have the interface to change the row visual parameters, but they, generally have the just listed disadvantages.
Besides, it is not a secret, that if you order the site – design is a part of costs. If the design can build the secretary of the customer – that would reduce the value.

And now imagine this – to build the “pattern” (the same template) with the graphical interface – practically – it is to create a small static page without any necessary knowledge. So can anybody to construct his own site statically. I.e. if the content remain permanent, you can change it of course with the same graphical interface, I mean, that it would not to add “automatically” from other sources another contents.

How it could be realized?

In order the customer to have a capability to change really ALL, it must be automate the changes and save the simplest smallest part of the “internet” (tag). His properties, styles, parameters. To provide the “embedding” the contents in the elements, to make a control. And if it will be created the possibility of random insert in the smallest part bits of optional program codes – you can get also the “dynamic” page, where the contents can be changed depend on action of the user. I mean the arbitrary code for server and client parts, i.e. the code will be run direct on the site or in the browser of client, by the user, that view the site. That is of course already not the user task, but rather the programmer’s.

And now figure – if that, what you designed, you save so, that you can change, save, export, import the hole areas with the program code. Then it could be possible to gather there in the logical structures und why not – even to resale, or to use in another projects. The main thing is that you can change the outlook by the whole section. And if you have many such areas, you can from these prepared Components then put together your site, insert in your page what you need- functionality and visual part. And all this is with minimum Knowledge’s about HTML and CSS, as for changes you will have a nice graphical interface.

That is interesting, you say, what is the profit for the programmers? He concentrates on the logic and structure. It set him free in essence from strange tasks, from subjective Problems of the communication with the customer, if the client asks by telephone some-thing to change and say it not correctly or not understandable for the programmers, what he, in fact, want. All outward appearance of the customer remains by the customer. He can for example engage the real graphic designer, that can nothing to now about the HTML and create the real work of art.

I thought about it all and I began the work with the project DEWEM. Of course I, as a programmer, considered a lot of additional questions, which solve and automate DEWEM. That is the security, authorization, the possibility of embedding in the existing systems, simplicity and intelligibility for end-user, service functions and strict standards W3C, multilingual features. Some functions are not implemented yet and the work is underway on it.

So what - Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's?
Let the employer to make a design!

You can try Dewem here (test environment).

Simple guide: to get started with Dewem click here (Video tutorial - how to use Dewem).